Blueberries (1)

Friday, 15 April 2016 21:03


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Blueberries ('Vaccinium corymbosum')

The modern blueberry is a 20th century invention. Before the 1900s, the only way to enjoy these North American natives was to find them in the wild. Then, scientists started to unlock the secrets of cultivating blueberries, and we’re glad they did! Plump, juicy berries are now easy to grow in your backyard on bushes that are resistant to most pests and diseases, and can produce for up to 20 years. A relative of rhododendron and azalea, blueberry bushes are also an attractive addition to your overall landscape, offering scarlet fall foliage and creamy white spring flowers.

  • Height:6 Feet
  • Spread:6 Feet
  • Bloom Time: Early-Season
  • Ripening Month:Mid-August
  • Pollination: Requires Pollinator
  • Exposure:Full Sun
  • Zones: 3-7