Hoopers Garden Center Nursery Stock Guarantee and Return Policy

Nursery Stock Guarantee

For 40 years Hooper's Garden Center has been helping homeowners and landscape conractors alike, by providing the highest quality plants and information to make their gardening projects rewarding and successful. At Hooper's Garden Center we understand the time, energy, money and love that goes into growing plants. Hooper's plants are grown and selected for our unique NW Montana climate, ensuring quality norhern hardy plants with your purchase. Hooper's also provides helpful and knowledgeable employees to assist you with determining the correct plant for your specific needs.

As part of our continued commitment to plant quality and hardiness, Hooper's fully guarantees our trees and shrubs*. If at any time within the first growing season your plant dies due to plant failure, please bring in the plant and your original sales receipt to Hooper's Garden Center and we will gladly replace it or issue an in store credit.
* Unless otherwise labeled (i.e. 1/2 Price Guarantee) Plant failure occurs over a long period of time. Plants that show immediate or quick demise symptoms typically indicate a problem with the care of the plant not with the plant itself.

Please follow our planting and watering instructions carefully, and pay close attention to how your plant is accepting its new environment. Please consult our staff for any questions regarding your plants specific or unique care or watering needs. Please contact us if you feel your plant is not thriving or you have any further questions. Most problems are easily and quickly remedied, avoiding time consuming replacement.

Plants not guaranteed:Annuals, Berries, Perennials, Houseplants, Animal/Equipment/Winter Damaged Plants, Clearance Items, Previously Replaced Plants, Unique Weather Events, Wholesale Plants or any Plant labeled as not being covered by our guarantee. Plant failure due to improper watering(including automatic irrigation systems) is not covered by this guarantee.

Thank you very much, we greatly appreciate your business.

Hooper's Return Policy

Due to the delicate nature of plants, Hooper's Garden Center has a limited return policy on plant material:

  • Trees and shrubs may be returned for STORE CREDIT to Hooper's ONLY upon agreement by management.
  • Trees and shrubs MUST return in the same condition as when originally purchased for returns.
  • There are NO returns for Bulbs, Seeds and Seed-Veggie Starts(Potato,Oninons,Garlic,etc.).
  • Any returns for Annuals, Perennials, or Houseplants must be made within 48 hours from time of purchase.
  • Plant material must be returned in like condition of purchase and purchaser will be provided Store Credit.
  • Non plant purchases may be returned to Hooper's Garden Center for a refund or credit within 30 days from purchase.
  • Returned items MUST have a register receipt. Items retuned after 30 days or items without a register will be given a STORE CREDIT.
  • Non plant purchases that prove to be defective after purchase and use may need to be brought to the manufacturers attention for guarantee or replacment.
  • Grow Bulbs, Ballasts, Hydroponic Grow systems, Water Pumps and UV filters may be returned for Store Credit only upon agreement by management.
  • Any and all specials Orders do not qualify for a return unless there is a defect in the product or the plant.
  • Any items marked as CLEARANCE do not qualify for a return.

A 25% restocking fee may apply to any returned purchases made at Hooper's Garden Center.

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